Q: I feel pretty confident and don’t think I need to pay to have lessons.

A:  Easy Tiger! You might be fine, but wouldn’t it be better to spend a few bucks on an assessment? All of us think we’re great drivers, but wouldn’t you rather find out whether you really are ready, before you blow it all on a test and find you aren’t up to speed?

Q:  I’m pretty nervous. Will the driving instructor yell at me if I make a mistake

A:  Heck no. She might say a little prayer to herself if you have a near miss, but not a lot rattles our instructor.

Q:  How much is a lesson?

A:  Why don’t you contact us, as there are different rates for different requirements. It’s ok – we don’t bite and it’s no obligation. 

Q:  What funding is available for vehicle modifications if you need them? 

A:  Depending on your needs, we can steer you in the right direction.  (Did you notice that subtle driving pun?)

Q: Can I use your car for the test?

A: Yes. Driving 101 has automatic and manual cars available for hire. But you will need to coordinate with our schedule to ensure its booked for your test day and time.

Q: Can I bring a support person on my lesson?

A: Yes of course you can. Driving101 encourages support people to hop aboard.

Q: I have learning difficulties, can you help with this?

A: Yes. Our instructor has experience with these things. Please let us know how we can help.

Q: I am more than nervous, I have anxieties about driving, can you help me ?

A: Absolutely. Our instructor will ensure you have a relaxed and positive experience.