At Driving 101 we break down barriers and get you moving.  We are the only driving school in the Kapiti and Horowhenua region that is equipped with modifications and expertise to assist physically challenged people to regain independence.  We can also look after Wellington clients. 

Driving 101 can provide driving solutions for very tall / short people.  Our vehicles have an option for a left foot accelerator or even Radial Hand Controls. We’ve gone all out to make sure we’ve got all the gadgets to make driving easier for you. 

If you have a physical disability, we not only offer driver training, but can also suggest possible adaptations to overcome physical problems with vehicle control. We can also hook you up with Occupational Therapists who specialize in driving.  Yes … we know people! 

We have worked with clients recovering from stroke, amputees, Aspergers and many other conditions. So if we can help you regain your independence, let’s talk.  Whatever the challenge, we’ll find a solution.

Success stories:

Meet Beryl from the Hutt – our Poster Lady!   

Beryl has a degenerative condition that means she will eventually lose most of her leg function. Beryl successfully applied for funding to have hand controls into her vehicle so she can continue to drive.

She provides support to new refugees within her community and is part of a valuable support network. Keeping her independence means a lot to Beryl so she can make a worthwhile contribution to her local community.

Part of Beryl’s funding allowed for Driving Lessons to learn how to use her new controls and ensure on road safety and confidence, and we were stoked to be a part of her success!

Chris is a real winner!

Chris was keen to learn and he booked in for 1-2 lessons per week for over a year. He stuck at it, and gained his restricted Licence in Dec 2019.

He can now apply for Funding to have his own vehicle fitted with personalised controls and seating.